Been caught sleeping

Man, I’m tired! I feel like I haven’t slept a good night’s sleep in years. I’m sure that’s not actually true but it feels like it is. I hear people say that once you have a child you never sleep a full night’s sleep again. Between waking up to feed and change your infant, to checking on your toddler, to the toddler waking you up as they crawl into your bed, to lying awake worrying about your child’s grades at school, to worrying about your teenager being out at night, to worrying about your 20-something child driving around the city in the wee small hours…the list goes on (apparently).

Snugglepot is a great sleeper. She has had 12 hour sleeps since about 4 or 5 months of age. She’s a tummy sleeper which kinda freaks me out a bit but I check on her before I go to bed and then we all sleep soundly until Sean’s alarm goes off to get him up for work. On weekends we all sleep in. Generally.

At the moment, Snugglepot is getting her last canine (tooth) as well as having regular growth spurts. It all combines to make for a baby who wakes a little more regularly than usual. The poor wee thing is just uncomfortable. Having had an extended period of toothache, I feel I can empathise.

Last night, she had a sleepover at Granny’s house because Mummy and Daddy had an early appointment on the far side of town. Mummy also has a meeting this afternoon. So we decided that it would be most convenient for all concerned if Snugglepot and Granny also spent today together and Mummy could have almost a whole day being a regular person. Oh, the things I could do with my day! I could clean the house without interruption. I could go shopping and browse the racks without having to chase a little explorer. I could go and see a movie. I could do whatever I want!

What did I do?!!!

I napped.

In the car.

In a carpark.

Two floors below Sean’s library.

After the early appointment, we drove back to Sean’s work with the plan that I would drop him off then pop over to the nearby shopping centre for a spot of light browsing and perhaps a purchase then off home for a little nap. I thought that would be a nice way to spend my day. I planned to get up from the nap, do a bit of cleaning and then make my way to the meeting I have to go to. (Quickly looks at clock because the meeting is not far off.)

I wasn’t feeling too flash after the appointment. I was very tired as I didn’t get to sleep as early as I’d wanted and I had a very early start in order to get to the appointment. I didn’t want to drive like that. So I thought, I’ll just recline the seat a little and rest here a minute. It wasn’t until I felt and heard my phone buzzing that I woke. I reached to get it from the bedside table…but I wasn’t in my bed. I was still in the car! Sean was calling to see how I was going. We were both shocked to find out that I hadn’t left the carpark. IMG_3589Actually, I hadn’t even left the passenger seat!! Two hours had just disappeared and I hadn’t moved.

(runs away to meeting)

I resume writing post-meeting and have reflected on this blog entry having looked at this day 1 year ago. That #blogjune post was also about sleep! It doesn’t seem to extend to previous years so I’ll just note it as an interesting coincidence. (the same pic seems apropos)

Anyway, having now added a meeting to the end of my day I’m almost as tired as I was 14 hours ago when I woke up. Quality rest is like gold. So I shall take myself off and find a comfy spot…which isn’t a car.

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3 Responses to Been caught sleeping

  1. Rachel says:

    Sorry to hear you have been so tired of late but am really glad you didn’t drive when you were that tired.

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  3. Rachel says:

    Been caught stealing (I think?)

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