With the Twelve Days of Christmas now over, we have reached Epiphany.

What have I learned?

Through all that has happened in the past 12 days, I think I want to spend time focussing on the “little big things”. I’m using this as a term to describe little things like gardening or dinners with friends which are actually the big things which feed our souls and nurture our deeper needs.

When I spend time doing gardening I am totally at one with the task. I used to find this when I was painting nail art (in my pre-baby days). I can be single-minded and let all other cares and concerns slip from my mind. I’m not thinking about the bills or that leaky tap or returning to work or anything other than the weed I’m pulling out. I’m all about the task at hand.

When I spend time entertaining friends I am connecting with people outside myself. I am not so self-absorbed. The happiness and comfort of others becomes my goal. Being a stay at home mum, there is a great temptation to sit and stagnate within the walls of one’s own home. Bringing others in or going out to meet them is healthy and reminds me that no man is an island.

I’d like to find more of those little big things. Little things that mean a big deal.  


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