The twelfth day of Christmas 2015

On the twelfth day of Christmas this year I CLEANED.

I began with a bit of a kitchen blitz and that morphed into multiple loads of laundry and then more kitchen and then the garden. I couldn’t stop myself. Once I was in the garden I knew I was nuts! I became obsessive about getting the weeds out and the trees trimmed. I’ve discovered that I actually really love gardening!

None of this would have been a problem had it not been pouring rain at the time! I heard a drip…drip…drip outside Snugglepot’s window and I determined that it was the sound of water onto the large part of a palm frond. I figured it may have the potential of keeping her awake at night so I went to get rid of it. Once there, I saw that the callistemon growing on that side of the yard had got a bit unruly and I would need to hold back the branches to get to the noisy palm frond which had fallen. I couldn’t leave it at that! I went back (in the rain) to get my secateurs, came back and pruned back the callistemon and then got the palm frond.

I then found myself picking up every palm frond in the entire yard. Then I went and ripped up some weeds as the soil was now very wet and yielding. I went on and on. I couldn’t stop myself. I was soaked through to the skin, filthy and my clothes (not task appropriate) were covered in grass seed pods.

My name is Fiona and I am an obsessive gardener!

Finally, a useful obsession!

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