The eleventh day of Christmas 2015

On the eleventh day of Christmas this year I spent the day with my MOTHER.

Today is my parents’ wedding anniversary. Since I began blogging the 12 days of Christmas, I always make reference to the wedding anniversary in the post for the eleventh day. The post from 2011 has pics!

When I was a child I remember Mum and Dad’s wedding anniversary was the day we’d all go to Brisbane for our annual day in the city. Today I kept the tradition going. I took Mum and Snugglepot into town for lunch and a look at the Museum of Brisbane. Mum hadn’t been to the MoB since it had been installed in City Hall. She noted quite a few changes to the city since she’d been there last. It was nice to spend the day together. I plan to keep the tradition going well into the future. January 4th is as good a day as any to have a trip to town with my mum and my daughter.

Happy Anniversary, Mum and Dad.

City Hall. #brisbane

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