The eighth day of Christmas 2015

On the eighth day of Christmas this year we SOCIALISED. We had a gentle start to the day and then we met up with relatives of Sean, some of whom I had not met before. They were lovely people and it was so nice to spend time in their company.

The remainder of the day I spent lazing around or hanging out with Snugglepot. It gave me time to think about some of the things I’d like to do this year or how I’d like to be. I don’t really do New Years resolutions because I find it hard to commit to an arbitrary goal set in the middle of the night. The inevitable failure and self-recrimination is not healthy or productive.

However, my general feeling is that I’d like to spend more time this year making personal connections with people. I’m not sure what form that will take but I guess that’s the journey I’m on.

I’m also going to resurrect a daily photo challenge I did a few years ago. You take a selfie every day (in the app called “Everyday”) and then it creates a time lapse stop motion video. I’ll post the final video on December 31. Last time I did this I found the process quite confronting as it was the year my marriage ended. I found myself putting on a certain face so as not to let on to others or even myself that I was feeling the various emotions I was going through. My expression ended up looking the same every day (which helped with alignment and transition) but my makeup and hairstyles actually betray me somewhat. This year I’m in a much better place and I’m keen to see how different the experience will be.

I also have treated myself to an old school journal. It’s a “thought a day” for three years. So that should be an interesting experiment. I wonder just how long I can keep it going. Can I last three years?!

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