The seventh day of Christmas 2015

On the seventh day of Christmas this year I HELPED OUT.

I began the day early to the sound of my little girl calling out to me. It was far too early to be up and about so I tried to help her settle back to sleep. When that proved to be a no-go, my helping extended to her daddy who I helped by closing the curtains and playing quietly with Little Miss so Daddy could get the extra hour or so of sleep he needed before heading off to work.

I was pretty exhausted and feeling a little blue and the world around me seemed a bit too much to cope with but I helped myself out of the immediate distress by accepting the love and support that was shown to me by my loving partner and our daughter. Never underestimate the power of an unsolicited kiss from a 17 month old baby.

Later in the day, my mother came over and we continued setting up her iPhone. She has a very steep learning curve ahead and I was doing my best to smooth it out for her as much as I could (i.e. transferring and cleaning up contacts, syncing various things, etc).

We’ve just spent the evening as a family (me, Sean, my mum and my brother) sitting down to a lovely meal together and playing a board game. It was silly fun and it was nice to spend the time relaxing together.

Midnight is almost upon us and 2016 is knocking at our door. I find myself wondering what the year ahead will hold. I don’t really do resolutions but I think I’d like to keep going along the path of helping out somehow. Spending time helping others often has the added bonus of helping ourselves. So I guess that today’s bits of helping people has really put me in mind of that.

I think I’m rambling now because I’m rushing to get this done and I’m a bit tired and I’m conscious that I have dishes I want to do. I’ll close by saying that I would like to wish all of you a very Happy New Year and may your happiness continue throughout 2016.

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