The fifth day of Christmas 2015

On the fifth day of Christmas this year I spent the day with my little FAMILY.

We took a tiny road trip up to Caloundra. Sean had only ever been there once before…to a restaurant…at night. So it was worth the trip just to show him a little more of the beautiful part of the world that is South East Queensland.

After the drive we were keen for lunch. What a disappointment that was! Bad food, bad service. Nuff sed.

The “swim” was next. It was so blustery and then drizzly that we were in and out again in a matter of minutes. Sean ran for cover with a confused Snugglepot while I lost the battle against the wind for our belongings. A kind stranger saw my pitiful effort and came to my rescue.

We admitted defeat and headed home. Nevertheless, we had incredible fun and we had it together as a family.

I write this now as Sean and I head home from a night at the movies. It was a great way to top off an already magically weird and wonderful day.

Family time! #roadtrip

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