The third day of Christmas 2015

On the third day of Christmas this year I spent the day SHOPPING with my mother. My fiancé dropped us off so that we wouldn’t have to face the ridiculous car parking situations that I have faced in years past.

I had one gift to exchange but they were reluctant to help me despite the fact that the gift I wanted to replace it with was $20 cheaper…all because I didn’t have the receipt (my partner didn’t give that to me). At this time of year gift giving is the norm. Presumably, many of these gifts are given to the recipient without a receipt. Surely there is some leeway or understanding that can be exercised by sales staff under these circumstances. Due to the rudeness and obstinacy of the Dick Smith staff, I have decided that when the refund is received (because I will get said partner to go to the store), I will buy the right product from another chain.

Mum and I enjoyed spending time together and we even took breaks for a lovely lunch and, later, afternoon tea. She had her first churro and her first sweet potato fries!

We ended the day by going to Mass and celebrating the Feast of the Holy Family. Not a bad day at all.

(Apologies for yet another backdated post. I began writing this on the day but fell asleep before finishing. I promise to try and do better.)

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