MM5 – MM1 redux

Fifth verse, same as the first!

I think, as this is the last Monday Meme of #blogjune and so close to the end of the month, it’s worth revisiting the first Monday Meme where I talked about what I was looking forward to.

Looking back on the 5 things I looked forward to about #blogjune

1.  Blogjune as sentimental time: Blogjune is probably always going to have that sentimental connection because it’s how Sean and I were first introduced. We certainly have come together through the month to support one another and we have enjoyed quite a few conversations about the challenges of blogging this month.

2.  Being frank: I have absolutely ticked this box. I wanted to blog through some big issues that I was working on. I tried hard to address them head on and take their power away by facing them head on and naming them. I do feel better for it.

3. Staying committed: I haven’t missed a day! I did kinda scrape through just before midnight on occasions but I got there.

4. Being connected: I started out well with this. At the beginning of the month I spent most of my “spare time” reading everyone’s posts. I was commenting on other people’s blogs from time to time and I enjoyed receving comments on mine. But my spare time was earmarked for more important things like moving house and marking assignments so I couldn’t be as actively engaged. I think I also became a little more introspective as I worked through my own issues.

Happiness: There were moments of utter sadness and pain but there have been a great many opportunities to see the brighter side of life. I think “happiness” isn’t quite where I’m at just yet but I can definitely see it on the horizon.


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