Where's the beefI’ve been promising meaty posts for #blogjune this year and apart from one painful post I feel like I have not quite delivered on that promise. Most of the rest of the #blogjune participants have been serving up some really substantial posts and great meta debates around the nature of blogging and its role nowadays.

My blogs have always been personal. Actually, this particular blog was started for the very first #blogjune back in 2010 (when it was called #blogeverydayofjune). I’ve been moaning about my life since day one! I can’t really separate my private and professional lives. I’ve tried but I find that living a fractured life, even for the purposes of a social media presence, is too troublesome. I self-censor where I feel I need to but I’m mostly WYSIWYG. (…hmm déjà vu?)

Anyway, I will continue to blog out my personal stories and the odd professional one when it suits me to do so. (Another aside… Now that I’m a SAHM, I guess my mummy stories are my professional ones. Ponderous.)

So, as to the promised meatiness, I do still have one or two topics up my sleeve which I intend to liberate before this month is over. Bear with me – they’re nearly cooked.

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