Where she stops, nobody knows

There comes a point every #blogjune where I run out of steam. I start off with a great momentum and I have plans for how I’m going to sustain it for a whole month. Then, usually around the middle of the month, it all just fades away. At these times I struggle with what to post and wondering if it will be meaningful to readers. Which is kind of odd really because I don’t really blog as much for the reader as I do for myself. I’m always surprised when people comment or like a post.

I’d like to apologise for that. I know I do have a band of faithful readers and that readership swells somewhat during #blogjune. I really should pay more attention to your needs and what you want to read.

Tonight I find myself in one of those “what will I blog about” holes. As you may have noticed, I’m doing my greatest fallback trick of “stream of consciousness”. It’s a bit of a cop out but it either leads me to something worth blogging about or it communicates to you, the reader, that my head is in a jumbled mess and please come back later when our technicians will have resumed our regular service.

I am kinda wanting to finish this up now as I’m somewhat inspired to create some more designs for Fiona’s Wearable Bits (on Redbubble). I have worked recently on my Pattern Series but tonight I have plans to expand the Music Collection and the Library Collection.

I’ll leave you with two things. The first is a promise that I will be back on my blogging game again soon. I have another one of those meaty posts I promised. It’s actually a continuation of the story of my troubled childhood which I’m exorcising here. The other is a picture of my mum with a tote bag she bought from my Quotes Collection. It was actually a saying that her mother taught her and she passed on to me. I passed it back in the form of a design available on white or grey backgrounds on tote bags, tshirts, phone cases….. </shameless plug>.

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