Can’t face it

Today was not a good day.

When I have the presence of mind, I try to remove the hyperbole from my language and stick to the facts. Emotive language is a hard thing to rein in when you’re in the grip of the emotion…particularly negative.

I have made probably about 8 attempts at the first paragraph of this post but deleted it all because I felt it was too emotive and you’ll all think me a crazy. To hell with that. Think what you want.

Here are two versions of the same story…

1. I just couldn’t face packing today. The enormity of the task of putting my entire life into boxes was too much to bear and I had to take a break or I would have utterly lost it. Between moving and planning Snugglepot’s birthday, I spent most of the day in tears and I still feel like I’m really not copying.

2. I found packing a bit overwhelming today. The task seems quite large as my house is pretty big and I have collected quite a bit of junk over the years. I was somewhat emotional and nostalgic. I am also trying to plan my little girl’s 1st birthday celebrations so I decided to change task and go out and do some errands related to that. I think I could do with a spot of planning.

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2 Responses to Can’t face it

  1. graemeo28 says:

    Some days just having a messy bench can be hard to face for me, Generally I just knuckle down and do it. It is almost ritualistic for me that I find it hard to leave the house at the start of a working day to walk out without having done the dishes. Thoughts with you. Sometimes things just have to get done. Other times they can wait. Depends on whose agenda you are running by.

  2. Poor Fi 😦 I recently moved house four times in three years, and it was awful and stressful every time. Schedule in breaks when you can. Make the packing targets between breaks small enough to keep you sane. Don’t beat yourself up. Cry if you need to. And ask for help if it’s at all possible. *hugs*

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