piano FORTE!

pianoforteMy life these days seems to have a very definite pattern of soundwaves. A life of peaks and troughs. Highs, lows. Louds, softs.

I hadn’t mentioned it but I’ve been doing some marking work for QUT. I can really only do this during Snugglepot’s nap time because that’s when it’s quiet and I’m not needed to be mummy-on-the-spot. I sit upstairs at my computer and work away while listening out for little sounds on the baby monitor.

The other job I’m doing is packing up the house so we can move in the first week of next month. This is something which is loud and disruptive. Sound carries in this (old) house so I can really only do this when Snugglepot is awake. “Sound carries”…only the sounds I want not to carry! I can never hear the doorbell or anyone knocking and I certainly can’t hear the little rose without the monitor. (I’m also a little deaf so that doesn’t help.) Yet all the sounds of packing and moving boxes and the sound of the washing machine or the drier can be heard all over the house!

She’s asleep now so that’s why I’m blogging and it’s also why I need to stop blogging and do some work. The quiet kind. Shhhhh……

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