Oh teeth. You have so much to answer for.

Today I am utterly exhausted. I didn’t sleep more than about 3 hours last night and no single stretch of sleep went longer than 55 minutes. Readers of my partner’s blog may have seen his post about what kept us up last night. He did an emergency dash to the late night chemist to buy teething gel for our little Snugglepot who finally seems to be teething. The local late night chemist closes at 9pm but there’s one about 30minutes away which closes at 11pm. So, at 10:28pm he runs out the door and dashes off to that one to get the gel. He arrived minutes before closing.

The little rose had dropped off to sleep in my arms not long after he left but it was a fitful sleep full of flipping and turning and trying to get comfortable. By the time he got home with the gel she had woken and we were able to apply it to her gums to try and give her some relief. She didn’t really get much sleep and we got even less. Still no teeth today.

To add to everything, I lost a filling from one of my molars a few months ago and being both financially and time poor I decided I would just deal with that later. Earlier this week, the same tooth (now sans filling) began to disintegrate so I took myself off to the dentist for emergency treatment. The dentist said she felt the tooth was beyond re-filling and that either root canal or extraction would be needed. Today I saw the root canal specialist to get an assessment of how to proceed. Within only about two minutes of the consultation starting he’s formulated a completely different plan. He called in the original dentist and informs her that actually a basic filling would be completely adequate.


As if that wasn’t enough, I will now have to wait until Tuesday to have the filling done. So, I’ve paid for the first consultation to be told I needed a treatment that I don’t really need, paid for a second consultation to be told that I need a basic treatment and I will now wait and pay for a third consultation to do a job that could have been done at the first consultation!!!!

Teeth! More trouble than they’re bloody worth! Grrr!

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One Response to Teef

  1. Laurel says:

    My grandmother used to say “Teeth – they are trouble whether coming or going” – guess you would agree heartily just now. Hope both you and Ro get them under control soon. My kids were always restless at night (and even a bit off colour/ratty) on and off in the weeks before the teeth appeared – and then the teeth just appeared without fuss – weird. Wishing you rest!

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