Truly unconditional

Today was an important day. Today was the day our house went unconditional.

New homeTechnology is a wonderful thing. I’ve come to rely on it greatly…particularly for banking transactions. Today it failed me somewhat but left me in the position of feeling the importance of what I was doing.

Last night, I went to transfer a large sum of money to the seller of the house we bought. However, the amount exceeded my bank’s daily transaction limit. So today I went to the bank to do the same transaction in person. They would not allow the transaction as it was to another financial institution. I was given one option. To withdraw that large sum of money and walk with a great wad of cash on my person over to the other bank and deposit it therein.

So that’s what I did.

Walking around a busy shopping centre with some thousands of dollars in an envelope in my handbag had me clutching that bag as if my life depended on it. In a way, it did!

As inconvenienced as I was by having to do this I’m also kinda glad. I got to feel the cash in my hand as I handed it over to make the deposit to secure our future. I’m happy that we are one step closer to achieving our dream.

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