MM2 – What’s happening

What's happeningThanks to Kate for this meme.

I’m reading – Feedly…and all the wonderful #blogjune posts. I haven’t read a book in years. I’ve tried. I can only seem to manage non-fiction and only in short bursts. So much technical reading has left me seeking out the methodology and conclusions in everything. Novels and such just aren’t built the way my mind reads now.

I’m watching – trash TV (“reality” shows mostly) and a little bit of children’s TV which has only recently been introduced into our household. I typically pop an episode of Masterchef on my iPad when I want to sleep. I lasted about 30 seconds into the last episode I watched before drifting off.

I’m cooking – lots of lovely and interesting meals for the family. I’m trying to use up the things in the pantry and the fridge so there’s less to move. I enjoy cooking far more than I ever have before. I started a recipe blog because I prefer to make recipes than follow them but I’m a bit slack and haven’t documented more than a few creations…most of which are cheesecakes. Since then, I’ve made all kinds of new (non-cheesecake) dishes such as hazelnut crumbed pork cutlets, chicken wellingtons, spicy zucchini boats, etc.

I’m drinking – cups of tea or hot chocolate. I significantly reduced my caffeine intake prior to getting pregnant and I’m sticking with this regime.

I’m thinking – about some major personal topics that I’m wanting to blog about…mostly by way of catharsis. I think actually, I might even unleash the first of these biggies this week.

I’m taking – time to rest as and when I can.

I’m missing – stability and routine. Life seems pretty chaotic right now but I’m looking forward to settling down in the new home soon.

I’m enjoying – spending time with my little baby girl.

I’m planning – moving house in under 30 days. So much to do!

I’m listening – to a playlist of instrumental pieces that I’m in the process of building. Any suggestions?

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