Yesterday did not go according to plan. There was some work I needed to do but I had a long night up with the baby (we ended up having a 4am bedtime) and I had coughed so violently through the night that I was seeing bright flashes. Knowing this is one of those symptoms you don’t ignore, we high-tailed it off to the optometrist to get a check-up. No retinal detachment or tears. Good. However, they put drops in my eyes which had me all but blind so there was no chance of doing anything much. I was also ridiculously tired so I had a night of silliness online.

I started to fiddle around with one of the big posts I have planned for #blogjune but found it too emotional to continue. This has left me wondering whether I should use the forum of blogging for these topics at all.

I’ve blogged about my mental health and I wear my heart on my sleeve when I blog anyway so I’m kind of in two minds about the whole thing. I’m wanting to share a part of myself and expose a part of my story. Somehow I feel stronger when I show where I’m most vulnerable. It’s like I’m saying, “Here’s where it hurts most. Take a hit. I’m ready for you.”

So. Do I share or not? Do you want to hear my story?

Anyway, tomorrow is Monday so that means a Monday Meme. Thanks to Kate, this is what I’ll be using:

I’m reading –

I’m watching –

I’m cooking –

I’m drinking –

I’m thinking –

I’m taking –

I’m missing –

I’m enjoying –

I’m planning –

I’m listening –

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One Response to Grappling

  1. Laurel says:

    Share what feels right to share – hold to yourself that which is too raw, too private, or just not ready for sharing. Trust yourself, Fi – and I hope tonight is restful!

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