Four letter words 

We have the idea that four letter words are bad. I guess it stems from the euphemistic reference to vulgar terms. I’d like to explore some four letter words through the prism of my tired mind. I’d also like to write this in words of only four letters but that’s probably not going to work. Dunno yet.

The inspiration for this is actually the word “rest”. I think it’s a word we fear because it represents wasted time. Does it really? Rest let’s us recharge. Do it!

Work, work, work. Flat.

Hard slog. Weak blog.

Long late nite. Baby woke.

Love that baby girl.

Feed. Play. More play.

Sick mama. Nose drip.

Stop. Drop. Rest.

Rest = Good

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3 Responses to Four letter words 

  1. seanmurgatroyd says:


    Come help mama.

    Mama must need rest.

    Work, male lump.

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