Feeling a flow

I’m still not feeling wonderfully wonderful so I’m just going to do a little stream of consciousness post and let what flows flow as it it may.

It’s been a rough ol’ time of it of late. There are a lot of boring details here which I’ll spare you. Suffice to say, we’ve dropped from two incomes to one (plus piecemeal titbits from playing and singing at funerals and selling stuff on Redbubble), we’ve sold a big house and we’re buying a smaller one. My phone rings hot everyday with calls from the bank or a solicitor. It used to be the real estate agent who was calling to disrupt my routine with inspection after inspection that ended in no offers. Eventually an offer was forthcoming so that was the end of her calls.

The house is full of boxes. It has been for months. Firstly, it was to declutter the rooms and make the house presentable for photographs and inspections. Now it’s because we’re packing to leave. The accumulation of …STUFF… is astounding. I don’t even really feel like I have time to cull the dross before moving because life, with all its regular interruptions, still keeps going whether we move house or not.

It never feels like I’m making any progress. Sure, the boxes are in the garage and, for a time, every single room looked beautiful. Now the garage is still full and the rooms are less than perfect and there’s a timer on my head going tick, tick, tick.

Each day I plan tackle a room or part of a room and get it all in a box. Each day that plan meets its doom with an email or a phone call which ultimately means I throw my plan out the window and do some other thing. The plan for an uninterrupted day of packing today was undone by a phone call late yesterday afternoon. Really not sure I’m ever going to be ready in time for moving day.

As if all that is going on was not enough I’ve managed to be struck down by asthma, precipitated by a head cold. It wasn’t even a bad head cold. However, I’m still breastfeeding and I can’t take cold and flu medications. I can only treat a cold with panadol and rest. Rest, I tell you! Yeah right! Tell that to the little person who needs me to survive.

Anyway, I have a moment to do something so  I’d better go and pack or rest or something meaningful. Meanwhile, buy my stuff or share the love. And if you need a funeral musician or singer, give me a call!


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One Response to Feeling a flow

  1. Laurel says:

    Hang in there, Fi – I do feel your pain – our move to Bracken Ridge was with a 3yr old, an 8wk old and me with a horrible cold/virus. I ended up saying to the removalists just get it all shifted, which they did, but then I couldn’t find the jug for a cup of tea! The smallest things just become huge when you are sick, and going through a big life change as well. Will offer only a little advice – and I am sure you have thought of it anyway – do what absolutely must be done i.e. look after you, Sean and Ro first and foremost; and then deal with the blasted paperwork (ugh). You will get moved, even if you have to send out an SOS for help from family and friends – and do this if you have to, I did! Hugs to you all, it’s a big step amongst lots of big steps in the last year or so – but I think you will find them positive steps as you go on. xxx
    PS Pack the kettle and tea bags/coffee, and some food, in a basket with Ro’s bits on moving day!

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