MM1 – 5 things about #blogjune

Welcome to #blogjune 2015! #Blogjune is a challenge to blog every day for the month of June.  I’ll be posting a Monday Meme (MM) every Monday. As today is Monday and the first day of the challenge it seems fitting to have a Monday Meme which looks forward to the month ahead.

Today’s Monday Meme is:

List 5 things you’re looking forward to about #blogjune

1.  My first thing is a sentimental one. I’m deeply and madly in love with my fiancé and father of my baby, Snugglepot. We first became friends through #blogjune some years ago. Every #blogjune is a reminder of how we “met” and how far we’ve come in our lives since then.

2.  My second thing that I’m looking forward to is challenging myself to being frank. I have some pretty momentous topics which are burning a hole in me and I want to address them fully, openly and honestly in this forum.

3. My third thing is another challenge: To challenge myself to being committed. Since #blogjune 2014 I have become a mother so my time is devoted to my family far more and less on my individual pursuits. #Blogjune this year might be harder to complete than ever before!

4. My fourth thing that I’m looking forward to is being connected. This kinda follows from my third thing. Spending time as a stay-at-home-mum looking after an active baby while also selling my house and buying another has left me somewhat disconnected from friends and colleagues. I’m hoping that #blogjune will put me back in the circle I once derived great happiness from being in.

My fifth thing that I’m looking forward to is happiness itself. This month will hold a great many challenges of its own. I’m moving house. There will be moments of sadness and nostalgia but I want to focus on the progress and productivity. #Blogjune will be there for me to document the journey.

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9 Responses to MM1 – 5 things about #blogjune

  1. Alisa says:

    Great things to look forward to! Lovely to ‘see’ you doing #blogjune. xo

  2. A #blogJune romance, how wonderful!

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  7. stacey says:

    Hi i found you while looking for june challanges and thought i would give this a try.
    That’s sweet that you meet your husband blogging.
    Hope you have a good evening.

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