We are one

I’ve been reflecting on connection and togetherness a lot this Lent. I also blogged briefly about how togetherness strengthens us and gives us a foundation. Today, I’m going to take that one step further.


The Church is made up of many people who are one body. We are all the body of Christ. In a marriage, two people become one.

I think any close bond (partners, families, etc) are one. We are many parts but we form one body.

If I injure myself I feel pain. My whole body is aware of the injury. Let’s say I burn my right hand. I can’t hold a cup anymore. My left hand knows it has to do that job. My thirsty tongue is grateful that the left hand did what the right could not. Conscious thought is not required. The body just knows and does.

In my relationship with my partner this week I saw this in effect. I suffered a period of high anxiety. I felt unable to do some things. I didn’t say to my partner that I was not able. He just knew and did them for me. We were as one body. Hurting but working together.

I thank God for the blessing of such an understanding partner. I pray that we continue to grow together in oneness.

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