On the twelfth day of Christmas

The twelfth day of Christmas gave me SICKNESS.

Both my partner and my baby are snuffling around with blocked sinuses. Sean started showing signs of illness a few days ago and is quite sick now. Little Snugglepot has been out of sorts for a few days and woke early this morning with a slightly glazed face. Poor love.

Anyway, I’m all drained of energy and creativity…for the purposes of blogging anyway. Tonight we relaxed for a while as I introduced Sean to the classic comedy of The D-Generation (The Late Show, Bargearse, Graham & the Colonel, etc). He can barely breathe and he was in stitches watching this stuff. I should go easy on the poor fella but he needs educatin’!

My other creative outlet lately has been my shop on RedBubble. Unfortunately, I was kinda stuck with my username (fionawb) so had to try for a way to make that work for me. I settled on Fiona’s Wearable Bits. I’d make a load of designs a few years ago for myself and for some friends but I found that random strangers were landing on my page (without any promotion from me) and they were buying them! Admittedly, the quantity of sales was pretty low but I wondered what would happen if I put a little bit of energy into them. So I’ve been adding a few more designs and I set up a Facebook page to showcase what I have.

I’ve got collections for humour, libraries, music and family at the moment but I have plans to expand that to cover things like healthcare and general geekdom. I’m open to requests!

Here are some of my designs as worn by me and Snugglepot (images linked to the shop):

You can even show your support of this blog!

Snugglepot loves my Dewey Baby onesie!

An oldie but a goodie!

I’m not expecting to make much money from this venture but it would be nice to get a little bit of pocket money to ease the financial pressure. In the meantime, I’m having fun with these designs.

Now… As this is the 12th day of Christmas and this is a #blog12daysxmas challenge that means this it the last post? Right? Nope. Tomorrow is the wrap up. Epiphany. It’s what the 12 days lead to and it’s when I examine what I’ve learned over this Christmas season.

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