On the eleventh day of Christmas

Mum and DadThe eleventh day of Christmas gave me NOSTALGIA.

It was on this day 40 years ago that my parents were married. My father passed away suddenly and unexpectedly 13 years ago, robbing my mother of what would have been today her Ruby Wedding Anniversary.

Our lives are marked by these timestamps. Constant reminders of how far we’ve come since a certain date or event or how far we have yet to go. Countdowns and timers are popular tools that we use to remind ourselves just exactly where we are between two points in time or how long it will be before we can cut loose and celebrate these passages of time.

The wedding guestsI realised today that sometimes marking the significance of events, not necessarily anniversaries but just events in our lives, can set us up for failure. We forgot to record a daily reflection so the chain is broken. I didn’t take a photograph at the same time of day so the sequence is out. I didn’t write the blogpost in that blogging challenge I’m doing. Things like this can cause derailment of otherwise meaningful projects.

It doesn’t have to be that way. I know I set myself up for these challenges and then beat myself up when I fail to meet my goals. Just how important are they, really? Maybe I should look at the people around me and see the impact of my arbitrary goals? Did I spend enough time with my family or did I spend the time with my head (and my attention) buried in my computer or tablet or phone? Was I present in my own life?

Where was I and what did I let go so that I could do something that may not really matter in the long run?

Wedding anniversaries and birthdays and milestones are important. Celebrate them. Mark them well. Share the time in togetherness with those you love. Even when one of those loved ones is absent. Take that time to remember them.

Today IS and always will be my parents’ wedding anniversary. Happy Ruby Anniversary, Mum and Dad.

Today’s carol is another one of me singing. I chose to do it acapella and only one verse. I hope you like it…

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