On the seventh day of Christmas

The seventh day of Christmas gave me TOGETHERNESS.

I had plans for today. It doesn’t matter what they were. They didn’t eventuate. They were as nothing compared to what I actually did.

holdinghandsI received a phone call about a dear old friend who has been slowly coming to the end of her days. Today it seems will be her last. Mum, Snugglepot and I all went to visit with our friend for one last time. She was not really present in any conversational sense but we were able to see her and say our goodbyes.

Most importantly, we were able to be with our friends (her son and his wife and daughters) in their time of need. They’d been keeping vigil with her in her semi-present state for some weeks and they knew this strain of keeping going was soon to be over. We’d intended to only stay a short while but we ended up staying much longer. We just talked. Mostly about nothing.

Being together and sharing time with one another was what was needed today. I’m glad we could be there for that. Tonight is sure to bring the sadness as her life ebbs away as will the year.

After our visit with our friend, we attended Mass. It was a Vigil for the Solemnity of Mary the Mother of God. I played the organ. Following Mass, many of the parishioners stayed and shared a meal. More togetherness.

I hope to bring that forward into 2015. It’s good to take time to spend time. Stay a while and be with one another.

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