More motherly musings – mammary

When I last mused on motherhood it was 7 weeks into the life of my little one born on 07/07. Now it is 7 days later and I have more to add. This time I just want to talk about boobies. 

The World Health Organisation recommends mothers exclusively breastfeed their babies until six months and then continue with complementary food until two years or more. The benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and child are pretty awesome. This is what our bodies are designed to do. It is literally why we are mammals.

Needless to say I’m all for breastfeeding. I know, however, that it is not for everyone. I have known quite a few people (including dear friends and family members) who have not been able to breastfeed for a range of reasons. I must stress that I fully support their right to feed their babies in the manner of their choosing. This post is not about pushing the breast down anyone’s throat…so to speak. This is merely a rambling account of my experiences so far. Self-indulgent twaddle, if you will. 

So… I was saying… I’m all about the boobies. 

Here’s where I was going to give you a load of boring details of our breastfeeding journey right from week 18 of my pregnancy (coz that’s when the flood began) right through to now. However, I don’t think that’s really interesting for anyone but me. I will just say that it wasn’t plain sailing but the issues I encountered weren’t the usual ones I’ve read about. 

My issues have involved an oversupply, a fast and forceful let down, a baby with tongue-tie and the odd day or five when latching seems nigh on impossible. I really just wanted to say that for all the difficulties that breastfeeding can pose I’ve had a pretty good time of it. I’m really enjoying the closeness with my baby girl and I hope that I can continue to share this special time with her. 

My success with breastfeeding is also partially thanks to the incredible support I’ve had from midwives, lactation consultants and women who’ve done it before. Every success I have with feeding makes me feel stronger and more confident in myself as a mother. It is this is where I derive my greatest satisfaction. Parts of my body have failed me in the past and some continue to fail but knowing that there is one part (or two, in fact) that can fulfill its purpose is a both a source of comfort and encouragement. 

Feeding my baby the way my mammalian body was designed to do is the happiest and most satisfying part of my day. Long may it last. …six months, at least!


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