A month in review

What a #blogjune it has been this year!!!

It think it’s fair to say that I tend to share some pretty personal parts of my life here on this blog but I feel that this #blogjune I’ve gone further than I ever have before. I’m quite proud of this. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t without a great deal of fear and trepidation! I deliberated about each and every part of my life that I have uncovered for you (and for myself).

There is comfort in knowing we aren’t alone. Sharing stories of faltering mental or physical health and opening up to hear compassionate replies has strengthened me. Even the mere fact of stripping away the bubbly façade to show that there is a flawed and broken human being behind the mask was empowering.

I know very well that we all have a story to tell. Who amongst us does not have a face that they put on when they walk out the door and greet the world? Whose life is so charmed that there is nothing ever wrong? Who is so blessed that they have never faced adversity? We are all a little bit chipped around the edges.

Don’t worry. Those cracks and chips show our humanity. They show our character. Let’s all show our chipped bits and say, “This is me! I am proud of who I am!” I’d rather surround myself with people who have allowed themselves to be buffeted by the rough winds of the world than those who have encased themselves and who live like cookie cutter versions of what they mistakenly think is perfection.

Well, this is getting more serious than I intended for my last post of the month!!  Sorry! 🙂

I guess I just want to sum up by saying that I’ve really had a journey this month and I’m glad to have shared it with you. Next month will see the single biggest change of my life as my partner and I welcome our first child into the world.

Thank you for sharing this special time with me.

Now to wrap up the Musical Challenge!!!!

This year’s challenge was a challenge for me, too. To record songs, albeit in an altered (or is that “massacred”?) state, was a bit of an effort at times. To those of you who played along…thanks. I hope you had a bit of fun.

There are still three songs which have yet to be answered: 19, 26 and 28. However, it’s unlikely that anyone will knock the current leader from her post. The winner for 2014 is “Speedy Jackie”!!!

Here is the leaderboard at the time of posting:

Jackie – 10
Ann – 8
Katie – 3
Leesa – 2
John – 1
Iain – 1
Fiona – 1

There’s still time to add your name to the list or increase your score if you’re already there.

There’s also the opportunity to name the final song of the month which, in my #blogjune tradition, comes to you as a final video. It’s a song that holds a very special place in my heart and one I share with my loving and amazingly supportive fiancé , Sean. (Apologies for my voice as I’m still afflicted with a head/chest cold!)

Love to you all. xx

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4 Responses to A month in review

  1. Katie says:

    Make you feel my love.

  2. Trish D'Arcy says:

    Hi Fi, thanks for letting me be a part of your blogging too – I have felt privileged to read your expressive rendering of your thoughts and feelings – it has been such an emotional time for you as you prepare for motherhood. I wish you and Sean great joy!
    I have been pretty busy this month too, and didn’t get into your musical challenge, but found myself attempting the 3 which you said weren’t solved yet. So, can I offer “Moonshadow” Cat Stevens for number 26, and “How can we be lovers” Michael Bolton for number 28? 19 was just lurking below the surface, but now I am too tired to try any further!

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