Pushing through

I’m still feeling pretty ick with this cold. It seems it can’t decide whether to be a head cold or a chest cold today.

It’s almost 4pm just now and I’m really not that long out of bed. I did wake at about 5.30am so I feel, given the early waking and the illness and the late stage of pregnancy, a few naps are well and truly justified!

There comes a point, however, when lying around in bed actually makes you feel worse. I guess it’s a sort of “fake it till you make it” kind of view but it seems to do the trick. I got up and am slowly moving around. Being upright is helping with breathing better and I’m feeling less maudlin. I even recorded a couple of songs for the Musical Challenge! Music always finds a way to bring me back to myself…no matter how bad I feel.

I recorded a vocal one the night before the cold ravaged most of my upper respiratory tract. The lyrics do not contain the title of the song and I would hope that nobody would be tempted to resort to search engines to find out the answer. It’s one of my favourite little songs by one of my favourite bands.

I’m still playing catch up with these challenges so, to that end, there are four songs to test you today.

Good luck!


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11 Responses to Pushing through

  1. Ann says:

    I know the last two! Yay for me!

    14 is Top of the World and 15 is Light my Fire!

  2. John Nebauer says:

    Number one is U2s MLK

  3. Emily Prior says:

    I knew the first one was U2 but could’t remember the song name so I just spent the last 10 minutes listening to different U2 songs trying to find the song. Finally found it and jumped on here to find John beat me to it 😦 oh well lucky I love listening to U2

  4. jackielb79 says:

    Is#13 survivor by destinys child?

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