All on track!

Today I saw the last images of my baby that I’m likely to see until our little Snugglepot is welcomed into the world in about a fortnight. This ultrasound was to measure growth as the obstetricians had some questions about the size of bub. All was put to rest today (yet again) as Snugglepot is dead on average and we are on track for a nicely sized healthy baby with everything in the right place and working as it should.

Music to my new mummy ears!

Speaking of music. How about a Musical Challenge!!!!!?

Jackie is absolutely running away with this competition, sitting on a score of 5. Katie is in second place with a score of 2. Ann and John are in equal third (or last) place with 1 apiece. I wonder who will pick up today’s songs. Will the gap close between any of our current scorers or will we see a new player enter the fray?

Here are today’s songs:


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4 Responses to All on track!

  1. Ann says:

    I know them!!!

    Staying Alive & Sentimental Journey!!!

  2. jackielb79 says:

    Staying Alive is the first one.

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