A magic lane

Sometimes life can really get us down. I’ve had a bit of that lately and have mostly overcome the adversities. I do my best to find the positives and cling steadfastly to them. It isn’t easy.

Today was one of those days that was a bit up and down. On reflection, it was mostly up. However, the down generally tends to be the part that sticks around in my head. It’s the bit I remember most. 99% up and 1% down? Guaranteed that 1% is going to colour my reflection on that day.

I woke an hour earlier than I needed to. I got up with a spring in my step and a smile on my face. I went to Mass. I was happy. I saw a friend I hadn’t seen in nearly 20 years. I caught up with lovely people, including visit from one of my dearest friends, her husband and adorable little girl and my day was generally heading down the path of being a very good one.

So what went wrong? Why did I feel like I was in the pits?

Lunch didn’t work.

Yup. As simple as that.

I was hungry and I had an idea for a lunch that I thought would satisfy me. I set about making it without much of a plan. That’s probably the key point. I needed a bottle opener for some honey soy sauce I was going to use. With all other steps of cooking complete, all I needed was that one utensil. All for the want of it saw me come undone.

So I started playing some music to cheer myself. I hit bum notes all over the place and it was an appalling cacophony. What had begun as an activity to improve my mood ended up driving me down further into my self-manufactured hollow.

Funnily enough, one of today’s Musical Challenge songs gave me the key to getting out of the pit. Even though this year’s challenge is about the music and not the lyrics (as it was in previous years) the opening lines to Song 8 were the catalyst to get me back into positive space and are included in the title of this post.

To include the lyrics now would potentially give away the song so I’ll wait until the song is answered correctly and post those key lines in my reply to the winner. Who knows, they just might give others a nice lift too.

Let’s get on with it!

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11 Responses to A magic lane

    • FiFYI says:


      And those all important lyrics that picked me up:

      When all the world is a hopeless jumble
      And the raindrops tumble all around
      Heaven opens a magic lane

      When all the clouds darken up the skyway
      There’s a rainbow highway to be found
      Leading from your windowpane

  1. Katie says:

    8 is somewhere over the rainbow

  2. jackielb79 says:

    and the Carmen one is….something like habanera/o?? Mebbe?

  3. hornykitten says:

    It’s interesting hearing about the different methods people have for lifting themselves up on a bad day. Unfortunately if the news is really bad the best we can often hope for is that those methods distract us from whatever originally ruined our day. Sounds like music helped though!

    • FiFYI says:

      It did…eventually. I just needed to change my process. Instead of playing the music, I needed to listen to it and just enjoy it.

      • hornykitten says:

        Well I’m glad it worked in any case! I’ve definitely had times when music hasn’t worked for me (perhaps I just needed to change tracks??)

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