All is well

I have just returned from my latest antenatal clinic appointment. I have had so many issues arise unexpectedly throughout this pregnancy that I tend to have a certain degree of trepidation prior to each of these appointments. Rarely do I come away from one without some new hurdle to overcome.

Today, by contrast, both Snugglepot and I were given a clean bill of health. I’m pretty happy with that. It means that the medication that I switched to a week ago is really the right thing for me.

I’ve been reflecting on the drama of last week (read more here and here). I’ve yet to bring myself to read back over the posts which preceded my “breakdown” (as named by my psychologist). I wonder if I will find them painful. Will I see the signs of decline that I couldn’t see at the time? I’m getting better at knowing my triggers and, more importantly, knowing how to deal with them. A medication-induced trigger never crossed my mind so I guess I can be grateful that I now know what that feels like…just so I can spot it again.

All-in-all, I’m still feeling pretty good. The euphoria I experienced after the nasty drugs were out of my system has now levelled off and I’m back to earth with a more consistent mood. I still have pain and I’m ok with that. Things don’t always go to plan and I’m ok with that too. I have every confidence that bub and I will make it safely to the delivery date and that is the most ok thing of all.

Now, how about some Musical Challenge!!!!?

Yesterday saw Jackie’s 3-day winning streak come to an end thank’s to Ann’s quick response. With only 10 days left in the month, there’s still time to be a winner.

Today’s song has not been tampered with. I’ve played it much in the same style as the original.  However, it might not be all that well known. So best of luck!

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7 Responses to All is well

  1. John Nebauer says:

    Today sounds very Clannad-ish – Harry’s Game?

  2. jackielb79 says:

    It’s Clannad!! Harry’s theme? Harry’s song? Harry’s Game? Something like that.

  3. yaketty says:

    And there was I just about to do a slow River Dance – very hard to balance!

  4. yaketty says:

    Also very glad that your medical problems have settled now and you can both look forward to the arrival of Snugglepot very soon 🙂

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