Ils ont changé ma chanson, Ma

Here comes a new form of Musical Challenge!!!!

I actually thought of this towards the end of #blogjune last year and decided that I would reinvent the game for #blogjune this year.  However, pregnancy threw that into a cocked hat.  Now that I’ve got my body and brain back into a workable groove it’s time to enact my plan.

So, previous Musical Challenges have involved me posting one or two lines of lyrics and readers answer with the song title in the comments…drawing on their musical knowledge and without the assistance of a search engine. It had a bit of a following and I think everyone had fun with it. Some folks got pretty competitive which was pretty fun for me to watch!

This year, I wanted to bring an element of performance to the game. I’ve been playing keyboard instruments (piano and organ) since I was 7yrs old…with varying levels of competence! I had lessons from age 7 to 10 and then promptly forgot everything I learned. At 14 I decided I really did want to play again and I began the process of teaching myself how to play organ. I remembered the very basics of reading music and just built on that. By 15 I was playing the organ every Saturday night at my church and I can honestly say that the Mass goers were a patient lot. I was terrible!!!

20+ years later, I’m still an organist (albeit on a break for now). I’ve added singer, conductor, arranger and composer to that list of accomplishments and again I’d add that they all come with varying levels of competence. Music is a part of my life and a big one at that. How fitting, therefore, to have the Musical Challenge now come at you in full, glorious stereo!

I will play a song to a random rhythm on my keyboard and your challenge is to name the song.  I’m kicking off with one of my favourite songs.



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3 Responses to Ils ont changé ma chanson, Ma

  1. jackielb79 says:

    On the day you come – Powderfinger

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