As purple kisses orange goodnight…


What a difference a day makes!

I begin this post from my phone as I sit on a park bench not far from my house. I am about 20 metres from the little waves lapping the shore. It’s further away just now as it’s low tide.

I hear those little waves ebb and flow and gently disintegrate into the wet sand. There are a few seagulls around the water’s edge. I hear a word or two from the people strolling, jogging, running or cycling on the path in front of me. Every so often I hear the quickened gait of a dog being walked. The last one was an old chihuahua struggling to keep pace with its owner who would not have been much under 80 herself.

Here comes a boy on a scooter. He’s telling his mum about his day at school while she walks an eager Maltese terrier. And still the waves rock and roll their endless way. In. Out. In. Out.

Moreton Island is close today. It’s about 22kms away but it seems like I could reach out and touch it. It looks purple but the sun is picking out the sand blows which appear brilliant white to me. I wonder what colour the sand really is over there. I’ve lived this close to it almost all of my life but I’ve never ventured across that Bay.

The sun is setting and I’m starting to feel the cold. As the light slowly fades from this spot I can see the sun hitting the meccano set that is the Port of Brisbane as well as a tiny little boat with a brilliant orange sail just a little way off the shore from me.

Today I am filled with a greater sense of calm than I have felt in quite some time. Probably months. The change in my medication yesterday seems to have its proof in today.

No longer am I stuck in my own head. No longer trapped inside myself. I feel free to breathe and see and hear and just simply be. I can experience this beauty.

It’s funny, really. I hadn’t fully grasped what was lost to me until it was given back.

Now the sun is only hitting the tops of the clouds and what I see before me is cast into deeper hues of blue and purple with occasional highlights of pink and orange. I’m feeling the cold air that bit sharper now. It might be time to head home. I’ll just take in a few more deep breaths and be on my way.

I’m grateful that I didn’t have baby yesterday. If I did I wouldn’t have seen this today.

Thanks be to God.

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