What a treasure!

My #blogjune posts thus far have either been about my pregnancy or somehow related to baby or a placeholder for a better day. Today I could just as easily journal the day’s events which were very much pregnancy related…particularly the complications that can occur. (I’m still battling the symptoms of preeclampsia without actually having that diagnosis…thank God!)

No. Today, I want to look at something else. I want to step away from my body and all the wondrous and scary changes taking place therein.

After coming home from what turned out to be a significantly extended antenatal appointment, I treated myself to a bit of “Troving”. It’s my form of gaming. My fiancé is a gamer. He’s never far from a game, be it on a PC or a smart device. He even devoted his #blogjune entry to a game review yesterday.

I used to think I was a bit of a gamer until I met gamers! I played whatever appealed to me…usually first person shooters with poor graphics like Blake Stone or the odd RPG like Ultima VIII or basically whatever had been recommended to me by my gaming mates. Of recent years I’ve been dedicated to Sims…the latest version and with the latest stuff packs and expansions packs so as to get as much action and interest as I can handle. Playing a “God game” seemed to give me an outlet for my inner control freak!

None of it seems to appeal to me lately. I’m not sure if it is because I just don’t have the inclination to direct peoples lives as I once did or I just lack the imagination or energy after all my reserves have been sapped by dealing with almost constant pain or discomfort. Either way, games which last for longer than two minutes just don’t give me what they used to.

I have a new drug. Trove.

Well, it’s not that new. I created my user profile in May 2012 and in that time I’ve corrected 1,945 lines of text in the digitised newspapers. I find that it gives me a unique satisfaction that I don’t seem to find elsewhere. It is instant gratification. More importantly, it really means something. It’s not just a game. It’s a fun way of contributing to collective knowledge.

Editing Wikipedia doesn’t give quite the same buzz as correcting OCR on Trove. It is more susceptible to change or deletion which I’m liable to take incredibly personally. That’s just me. Trove doesn’t have that vibe at all. It’s like a lovely community of people who just want to give and give and give.

I’d love to be further up the leaderboard than the 4074th place I currently hold. That used to be my goal. Get up that board! But now I am interested in the articles I read. I used to target articles about family members as my forebears on my mother’s side were early residents of Brisbane and have a very chequered story to tell. (Teaser: drunks, swindlers, abortionists, pioneers and a murderer! And these ones weren’t the convicts!)

Nowadays, I find myself searching for articles about the development of my local area. Actually, it was the site of the first settlement in Queensland…before Brisbane. It was abandoned 6 months after settlement and the penal colony was shifted to Brisbane. I’m terribly interested in the resettlement of Redcliffe as a tourist destination. Today, my text corrections included this lovely historical quote:

“…possessing the finest stretch of Sea Beach yet discovered in Queensland.  This splendid property has been most judiciously subdivided, as ample ESPLANADE, having been laid out, providing thereby a walk or drive along the coast unapproached by any other watering place on the shores of Australia.”

This was a classified advertisement in The Brisbane Courier (25th May 1878). I was blown away by the poetry of what was essentially a real estate ad and equally struck by the name used to describe the location. They used a name which has not lasted to today. I think that will be the next search term in my quest for corrections.

I have learned so much about the area. I love reading – and correcting – these old articles. I’m hungry to learn how this abandoned penal colony became a holiday resort. I’m eager to uncover the truth behind why we still don’t have a railway (despite the plans being submitted to the colonial government in the 1880s AND guaranteed by the proposers and landholders). I’ll not stop in my quest to read all these articles and correct the text as I go so that those who are just as hungry as I can read this rich history with ease.

What a game this is!

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2 Responses to What a treasure!

  1. John Nebauer says:

    You have an *inner* control freak as well…??? 🙂

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