Nursery tales

Today I purchased the last item of furniture necessary for Snugglepot’s arrival. The Changetable.

The bookshelf/changetable.

It required an epic journey to the other side of the world…or so it felt. I live in a city beyond the northern reach of Brisbane and the vendor for this magical changetable was in a city beyond the southern reach of Brisbane. Hence the expedition.

Sure, there were changetables available in shops closer than this one but this particular changetable is a versatile piece of furniture which continues to have a life as a bookshelf long after its days of seeing babies’ bums is past.  So it seemed like a pretty good investment as nursery furniture goes.

The large musical themed rug.

I wasn’t going to go in for a “nursery”, as such. I figured that Snugglepot will be sleeping in a Moses basket in our room for the first 6 months and then we hope to move house. So the idea of decorating a child’s room seemed somewhat pointless. Then it dawned on me…”Where do I keep bub’s clothes, nappies, do the changing, daytime naps, etc?” So a nursery was born.

This has involved a fair bit of upheaval in the house. Firstly, I wanted to have the nursery somewhere where I could hear cries and quickly be on hand. Also, I’m not sure when my legs are going to improve to a point where I can get up and down the stairs easily. So that really only left one option and that was to move our bedroom downstairs…where there are two rooms.

Chest of drawers.

The nursery is taking shape and not a moment too soon as our little Snugglepot is scheduled to arrive in 32 days!!! So far, here are some of the things that we have: my Moses basket from when I was a baby (which was also used by two of my nieces when they were little bubs),  a large chest of drawers which will see us well into the future, a cot, the bookshelf/changetable and a lovely big musical themed rug to add colour and give us a nice soft spot to play on the floor. 🙂

I’m feeling like it’s all starting to come together. Having this final piece of “necessary” furniture has made me breathe a sigh of relief. I can’t believe I am now considering that a changetable is a necessity especially as I remember changing nappies of those two nieces (nearly 21 years ago!) on nothing but a towel on a bed or on the floor but I’m now 21 years older and my back isn’t the back of an 18yr old and doesn’t straighten up as quickly as it used to.

Anyway, the next epic task is to assemble all that furniture and then move ourselves into our new bedroom downstairs…having moved the cats into the master bedroom upstairs (complete with ensuite)! Lucky cats.

With all that activity today, I think I might call it a day and go and rest my weary bod.



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One Response to Nursery tales

  1. Lisa says:

    oh yep – you need the changetable! The other thing I bought justifying myself care of my antique body, was a mat thing that draped over the side of the bath onto the floor with a cushion thingy for your knees (perhaps on the bath too for arms – can’t remember). PS – perfect rug!

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