The twelve days of Christmas have lead to Epiphany…which means “revelation”. So what has been revealed to me? What have I learned?

This probably hasn’t been a great season of revelations for me. I’ve been less willing to try new, untested experiences as I haven’t had the physical or emotional stamina to do so. Which leads to the biggest revelation of all…the announcement of my pregnancy.

No great epiphany for me or Sean – we knew months ago! But to take the opportunity of this blogging challenge and New Years Day to share that news with everyone seemed fitting. Sean and I met through a blogging challenge and our friendship developed online. When we eventually met face-to-face, we knew there was something special between us. I’ll not go into the complexities of our private lives but I think my real epiphany has been around this relationship and the change it has brought about in my life. This past year has seen us grow and begin a new life together…quite literally. We couldn’t be happier.

Two days after Christmas I came on holiday to Auckland with Sean to spend time with his parents. I already knew that they were lovely people but I guess I learned that we all get along rather well. We are forever linked now and that also makes me very happy.

The great outpouring of love and congratulations is humbling. To know that there are so many people who care enough to take a moment to share in our joy, even if it is as little as a one word tweet or a “like” on Facebook. That was something I learned. I’m always astounded and, yes, humbled to know that there are so many people who would say a kind word to me. Life wasn’t always this way for me. My story started in a very different place. To anyone who ever smiled or spoke a kind word, thank you. To those who have wished me well in this new chapter of my life, you have touched me.

I’m becoming quite emotional as I write this and it will be hard to continue if I go on in the same manner so I guess I should conclude.

My Epiphany for 2014? Despite the pervasive views of cynics and naysayers, there is love in this world. Lots of it. I have a nice helping of it in my heart. And I have some to share.


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One Response to Epiphany

  1. Kerri says:

    I had my suspicions that you were pregnant a while back, lovely news and a hearty congratulations to you both

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