On the seventh day of Christmas

On the seventh day of Christmas I went to the movies. We went to see The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug…in Gold Class as tradition dictates. I quite liked it but then I also liked the last one as well as all The Lord of the Rings movies. I tend to put them in the category of epic movies that I just have to see.

I haven’t done much else today. Oh, I had a very disappointing meal at a cafe which, fortunately, we did not have to pay for. It was just as well as I only ate about 3 mouthfuls.

Our big plans for New Year’s Eve include going to Mass at 11pm! I’m quite looking forward to it. Once upon a time, January 1st was a Holy Day of Obligation to celebrate Mary, the Mother of God. Nowadays, it is just a Solemnity. That means it’s an important day but one is not required to attend Mass. When I was growing up, my family attended Mass on New Year’s Day not only to mark the solemnity but also to welcome in the New Year in the best way we knew. I think I’m looking forward to Mass tonight partially because I’ve long held the thought that I probably should go to Mass on New Year’s Day but it’s so early and I always see the New Year in so I’m pretty tired when Mass would normally be on. Tonight I’ll be able to celebrate both my faith and welcome the New Year.

Following Mass the plan is to spill out of the church and face the city where we will be able to watch the fireworks over Auckland. The vantage point looks promising so that’s another reason to get excited.

Now, I’d better have a bit of a nap if I’m to last until midnight! See you next year!


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