On the fourth day of Christmas

On the fourth day of Christmas I blobbed about. The last few weeks have been quite draining for me. I’ve been at a bit of a low ebb…mostly physically but that then takes its toll on one’s mental and emotional state. Between being sick then preparing for Christmas (including the Festival of Carols which I ran), followed immediately by an overseas holiday, there has been little time to really escape pressure of some sort or other. So we decided today should be a day to just blob out.

I must acknowledge that both Sean and Mum have been an amazing support. Both have stepped in to do things so that I could be freed up to rest and recover as much as I could. Actually, it has had a very humbling effect on me to know just how much they love me and the lengths that they will go to to look after me. I really am most blessed.

20131228-235242.jpgAnyway, today was a day of not doing much at all. We lazed around for the morning and the. Took a brief trip to a nearby shopping centre as a light diversion. I only bought two things! (So proud of myself for not going nuts on sales!) Feeling the need for a bit of a snack, we stopped at a Coffee Club for a scone and a cuppa. Sean went to the counter to see if they had scones and, upon seeing they did, he order me one as I’d requested. He said it was a fruit one. That was fine by me – I’m quite fond of scones with a few sultanas in them. It wasn’t until it came out that I laid eyes on it. It was the weirdest looking scone I’ve seen in my life! It resembled something more akin to a cow pat than something edible. When I cut it open, it was purple! It was obviously full of many berries, including blue and rasp and maybe even straw. 😉

It was a tasty scone and I’d happily have it again. It was a strange sight to me and yet a lovely flavour. Quite the highlight of my blobby day!

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