On the third day of Christmas

On the third day of Christmas I went to New Zealand…on an Airbus A380-800…in Business Class! What a way to travel! Once upon a time I would’ve said I was well travelled. I’ve been to Ireland and the UK many times and then when I lived in Ireland I used to visit Australia. I’ve been to Canada and USA and a few parts of Asia (Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, China) not to mention the various bits of domestic travel in Australia or even the domestic travel to the continent when I lived in Dublin. Yet never have I managed to get an opportunity to travel business class! I’m now spoiled for all lesser forms of transport. This is how it must be from now on.

Being a bit of a shorty (not much over 5ft), leg room isn’t a major concern. However, the ability to put the seat in a supine rather than just a semi-reclining position was just brilliant. There were so many things that were just nice touches but the whole experience was just wonderful. I could not fault Emirates on any part of the experience.

Anyway, having had the early start and the flight and all, I think I might leave it at that for today. I will just add that is is lovely to be back with Sean’s family. They’re lovely people and time here in their company is most enjoyable.


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