On the first day of Christmas

The first day of Christmas was wonderful! It was a family day. Technically, I’m the youngest of seven. Sadly there are only four of us left and we are scattered around the world. However, I managed to spend time with two of those branches today.

The day began with my traditional Christmas Day breakfast: Coco Pops! I have that for breakfast only on Christmas and Easter. It was a childhood treat that I have continued.

Mum came over and my partner, Sean, played Santa and distributed the gifts. Sweet and thoughtful, useful and beautiful – they were many and varied. I’m always grateful for gifts but I’ve come to value presence far more than presents. Things stay in our lives for a short time. They fade or break or just get old and forgotten but people stay in our memories and shape our experiences and our views. They colour our world. We bend and change around the people we love. We reflect the qualities of the people we value most. I have sensed myself changing. I’m calmer, happier. I get less worked up about some things than I ever used to. I breathe better. I know this has been greatly influenced by someone I admire greatly.

Hmmm… Here’s where I should admit that this post has deviated from where I intended it would go! It’s a bit more of a stream of consciousness thing than I expected. Anyway, as they say in the classics, “I’ve started so I’ll finish”…

I visited with my sister-in-law and two lovely nieces. Unfortunately, my brother had to work today but I spoke to him on the phone last week and I plan to catch up with him again soon. Then we raced off to Mum’s for the traditional hot turkey and ham dinner. It wasn’t quite ready so, having woken for some stupid reason at 6.30am(!), Sean and I promptly fell asleep on the verandah!

Dinner was amazing! We popped crackers, wore the hats, told the jokes and played with the toys. After dinner, we went back to the verandah and played a board game and laughed ourselves into coughing fits!

Our evening was relaxed. Comfortable in each others company, we watched TV until my brother living in the UK Skyped us. We chatted as though the distance was nothing. We were all just happy to spend the time together swapping jokes and stories. The best gifts of all.

I haven’t managed to catch up with my other brother yet but it’s still Christmas for him in the USA so I have time yet.

Anyway, that was the first day of Christmas. I’m not sure where this will lead by the time I get to Epiphany on January 6th but stay with me. There’ll be travels and trivialities and titbits and all manner of interesting things to discover.

Merry Christmas to you all. xx


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