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Tonight I went to the Redcliffe Show. I’d been looking forward to it all day. Actually, I’d been looking forward to it for months. It’s cutesy and kitsch and all the things you’d expect of a local agricultural show.

20130629-175653.jpgI wrote a post earlier this month about the show and tonight I got to enjoy it. For reals.

My first stop was to check out how well I did I. The card competition. Out of five entries (one each for birthday, Christmas, sympathy, wedding and open), the birthday card was “highly commended” and my sympathy card won second prize! Not bad for a first time entrant.

The BF and I wandered around a little, won a prize of two on the clowns and ate the kind of rubbish food you only ever eat at such events (i.e. I had a Dagwood dog…BF showed more sense than to partake). Then we took our seats in the grandstand to watch the official opening of the 64th Annual Redcliffe Show.


Oh, they were magnificent. I posted a clip on Instagram very early on in the display but that was nothing to what followed. I was too engrossed in the experience and enjoying living that moment. It struck me that I probably spend a bit to much time trying to “capture” moments and not enough time living them.

The dazzling brilliance of those sparkles in the night sky delighted and amazed me. They reminded me that life is precious. My eyes can see a lot more of the world around me if it wasn’t viewed through a 3cm square. Even with a retina display. I have my own retinas…and pupils and corneas and irises and optic nerves and all those other good things that let us see. If only we’d look.

Ignoring a nasty bump on the leg that I sustained during a vicious dodgem-car attack, it was a pretty awesome night.

Musical Challenge!!!!!

This starts the final theme and the last set of songs for #blogjune.

Song 80:

Got my bags, got my reservations,
Spent each dime I could afford.
Like a child in wild anticipation,
I Long to hear that, “All aboard!”

Song 81:

Old woman old woman, oh you treat me so mean,
You’re the meanest old woman that I ever have seen,
Well I guess if you say so
I’ll have to pack my things and go.

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4 Responses to Show-off

  1. Seanfish says:

    Hit the road, Jack!

  2. John Nebauer says:

    80 – Sentimental Journey

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