No Chuck left behind

Today is the last Tuesday of #blogjune and, therefore, the last opportunity to indulge in #chucktuesday.

I’m feeling the effects of consecutive big days and a night of broken sleep. So I’m, again, not in a frame of mind to really give of myself in this post.20130625-150758.jpg

I shall leave you with one last #ChuckTuesday pic (of my making). I hope you can find a Chuck with whom you can identify. We can’t all be roundhouse-kicking, ass-whooping pieces of man meat but we might be musicians, nerds, taxidermists or whatever you want to be.

I’ve done my bit of chucking as I needed to do. I can now start to concentrate on the other Chucks within.

After a few days without Musical Challenge!!!!! it’s time to bring it into the home stretch. There are still unanswered questions in both Bonus Rounds (here and here), as well as a scattering of unanswered songs in other random posts.

Song 64:

Then you’ll spread your wings
And you’ll take to the sky

Song 65:

Drinking my vodka and lime

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5 Responses to No Chuck left behind

  1. seanfish says:

    64: Summertime by George Gershwin.

    My plan: Beating Leesa! 😛

  2. leesaphilip says:

    Aren’t you lucky I had to look up #65, Sean?? Bring it on!!!

  3. jackielb79 says:

    Hazy Shade of Winter!

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