Let it flow

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

I’m really struggling to find something blogworthy today so I’ve decided to do a “stream of consciousness” post. I even sstruggled to start this…hence the quick brown fox. I figured if I started typing something the rest would come. This appears to be fruitful.

This is a bad week. I’m running from place to place and doing all kinds of things when really I would much rather sit in a lump and do nothing. My days are taken up with work. Dealing with a pile of work which grows faster than I can eke it down. If I leave it for a moment it seems to double in size! Document supply and literature searches. The former is a much greater volume and urgency and seems to keep me from the latter which I prefer to do.

As I’ve been typing this, I’ve remembered a piece of advice given to me by a Library Assistant (and wonderful woman) I worked with a couple of years ago. I’ve just written myself a note to remember what she told me:

Anyway, this was just a short break to dump. Dump done. Now back to my piles. <–err…you know I’m talking about work, right?


My Bonus Challenge attempt at levelling the scores didn’t quite work as planned. However, it did see some newcomers enter the fray. Welcome, players! At the time of writing this, there are 5 unanswered songs from the bonus round.

Today is the start of a new theme. I’ll call for that in a few days from now.

Song 34:

To avoid complications
She never kept the same address

Song 35:

Once I had my share of losing
for they locked me on a chain

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9 Responses to Let it flow

  1. She’s a Killer Queen!

  2. jackielb79 says:

    Killer Queen by Queen for #34

  3. jackielb79 says:

    Oh I is too slow….

  4. Ann says:

    Song 35: Paloma Blanca

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