Ch-ch-chuck Ch-ch-tuesday!

It is the Tuesday after a long weekend. These are the worst Tuesdays of all.

Recently, I’ve been a bit stressed and battling a few ailments. I rather suspect I could get on top of my health issues if I had less going on on my life but I’m just not sure what I can chuck out.

Chuck Testa TuesdayI’m a solo librarian. I do it all. From shelving and tidying up to acquisitions and cataloguing. Information literacy course development to delivery. Literature searches, document delivery, book repairs, fixing paper jams in the photocopier and policy writing. You name it. If it is done in the library – I do it. And I do it for not one but two libraries.

I recently had to have a day off to have an MRI on my brain to find out why I keep fainting and fading. I have a sign on my office window to say which site I’m working at. I marked my day off as “N/A” to indicate I was not available. I returned to work to see the sign defaced with a note saying “Get back to work, dammit!” It is enough to make me cry most days but I generally keep a lid on it and battle on. I have no idea who wrote the note and I’ll bet they had no idea what I was doing that day. I would hope that if they knew they would be more understanding.

Outside of work, I coordinate the music ministry in my church. That’s a pretty busy job in itself but as if it wasn’t enough, I am also the choir director. I love this part of my life but it sure does sap the energy and eat up my spare time.

I need to chuck something. But what?

I’ve already had to chuck my PhD (which I am hoping to resume at some point). How many layers of my life do I have to peel away before I can regain some control?

Enough melancholy. Let’s cheer up with some Musical Challenge!!!!!

This will be the last day on this theme so please tell me the theme for Songs 13 – 22 in the comments.

Cath and Teresa cleared up yesterday’s songs but Song 16 (by Bruce Springsteen) remains unanswered. It is the only unanswered song of the 2013 Musical Challenge so far. Here are a few more lines of lyrics of Song 16:

I bought a bourgeois house in the Hollywood hills
With a truckload of hundred thousand dollar bills

Here come the last three songs in this theme. Remember, I’m after song titles.

Song 21:

Someday the mountain might get ’em
But the law never will.

Song 22:

Yes, no, maybe
I don’t know
Can you repeat the question?

Song 23 (a visual piece for those who can read music):



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19 Responses to Ch-ch-chuck Ch-ch-tuesday!

  1. leesaphilip says:

    I’ll have a go at the theme – TV Themes!

  2. Jackie says:

    22 is the theme from Malcolm in the Middle, performed by TMBG, don’t know its proper title though.
    Hawaii 5-0 is less fun without all the hot men in the show…

  3. jzgarnett says:

    I don’t have a good guess, but I’ll leave you with this, just in case you are still sad.

  4. FiFYI says:

    Oooh! I’m being super-strict. I’ll give you Song 23 but I need a correct title for Song 22. I didn’t grant a correct answer to someone on day 1 so I can’t do it now. (Hint: sing through the song – the title is there).

  5. Song 21: Theme from Dukes of Hazzard, by Waylon Jennings.

  6. John Nebauer says:

    Why should I? You’re not the boss of me, you know! 🙂 And – I *think* song 16 is ’57 Channels’

  7. Oh theme: Simply “Television”. Yes?

  8. Alexander says:

    ^ that’s the sheet music! haha I don’t know the name though… but I’ve played it before!
    its the first tune in the link!
    Baba bupa Baaa baaaaa
    Baba bupa Baaa baaaaa

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