Standing on the edge of changes

Today is the end of February. The end of Summer. The end of a great many things.

Tomorrow is March and with it comes change.

Tomorrow I have the privilege and joy of greeting a man at the airport. This man has chosen to explore new horizons and make great changes and sacrifices in his life. Why? Because he likes me.


What a thing to happen!

My heart and my head are swirling with the enormity of what this really means.  I’m both scared and excited and I’m pretty sure he is too.

Right now, I have an amazing glow of positivity surrounding me.  I have hope for what the future might bring, not only with this new relationship but just generally across many aspects of my life.  I see the world around me as a place full of light and wonder.

I recently saw my friend, Jo, post a reference to a photo-a-day challenge for March.  It came from Fat Mum Slim and it looked like it would be nice thing to do to capture moments of the next month.

I’m already posting to the Flickr Group “Happy365” where we take a photo each day of the things that make us happy.  This is slightly different.  I can see that I will be challenged to see the world differently each day.  I’m looking forward to experiencing the enlightenment of this challenge.

March holds so much in store for me.  A new relationship. A new challenge.

And, to end the month, Easter! Easter Sunday being the greatest representation of new birth and renewal that I can think of!

Here’s to all things new!  To new horizons and to new adventures!


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2 Responses to Standing on the edge of changes

  1. Gemma says:

    Hoping everything works out for you fi xoxo

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