Today is the Feast of Epiphany. A day of discovery and revealed truths.

Since Christmas Day 2012, when #blog12daysxmas began, I have had some ups and downs. Mostly ups. Notably, during this time I have also travelled to Auckland, New Zealand for a 13 day holiday.

I have blogged about spirituality and fulfillment, love and kindness, the everyday, the less everyday, calm beauty, relaxation, new people in new places, reflection, more new people in new places, shopping with new people, even more new places with new people, and (whaddaya know) even MORE new people and some new things!

After meeting so many people for the first time, some of whom were not entirely new to me as our introductions had been made virtually many years ago and others who were a completely new introduction at the time of physical meeting, I could be forgiven for thinking that meeting new people is a little tedious or draining. NOT SO!!

Oh what wonderful people I encountered! Such beautiful souls. Happy, caring people. People who have opened their hearts and homes to me. I am so very, very blessed. My wonderment is no less dulled by the frequency with which I meet such incredible people.

I had begun to feel very alone in the world but now I know for absolutely certain that I am loved. What an epiphany to have!

How can I be sad or alone in a world that has such people in it?

You are all in my heart and I cherish each and every one of you. No matter how short a time we share together, no matter the way you come into my life – be it via Twitter or a chance meeting in the street or a comment on a blog post – you have touched my life. For that I am grateful and for that I thank God for you.


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2 Responses to Epiphany

  1. Slightlylibrary says:

    That’s a lovely photo!

    I’ve enjoyed your 12 days of Christmas, and quietly envied your trip to NZ.

    Hope the rest of it goes as well as the quite auspicious start 🙂

  2. bookgrrl says:

    May this year also be a year of ups as well!

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