On the eleventh day of Christmas

On the eleventh day of Christmas I picnicked.

I went with a lovely couple, Anne and Des, to visit some of the attractions of Auckland. We began with One Tree Hill. Oh my, what a narrow winding road that is to the top! My fear of heights was beginning to kick into gear on that journey. The view from there was breathtaking though.

20130104-202512.jpgAfterwards, we went to Eastern Beach where we had “fush ‘n’ chups” (sorry…I just had to). I’m not a fish eater by any stretch – I’m even known for my dislike of the taste of fish – but I really did enjoy this piece of terakihi.

Following lunch, we ventured further around the shoreline to Musick Point where, 20130104-200743.jpgagain, the views were stunning. I was struck most by the colour of the water. Actually, there were so many shades of blues and greens. Shallow waters and deep. Some in bright sun, some under shadow of cloud.

I was blessed with yet another very enjoyable day on my holiday. This is how a holiday should be.

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