On the ninth day of Christmas

On the ninth day of Christmas I had a wonderful day!

o hai

My dear friend, Sean, took me to the Arataki Visitor Centre where I saw a super cute gecko. He saw me, came over to me, smiled and posed as if he was waving to me! After that, we (that is myself and Sean, not the gecko) took a nature walk through the gorgeous rainforest of the Waitakere Ranges.

After that, we went to the beach at Piha where the sand is black…and very hot! I foolishly ignored warnings to keep my shoes on, opting to look the part rather than follow good sense and good advice to protect my feet. I feel like I’ve now done my training for walking over hot coals! That sand was pretty amazing though and it made my pink toenails look pretty darn sexy. 😉

I have a tradition of dipping at least my toes in the bodies of water that I visit. 20130102-234113.jpgI have done so on two sides of the Pacific Ocean, one side of the Atlantic Ocean and one side of the Indian Ocean…not to mention a few meaningful rivers and lakes. I can now add the Tasman Sea to my collection.

20130102-234136.jpgAs if all of this activity was not enough, I finally got to meet long time Twitter friend @greengecko29 (aka Penny). She is even more delightful IRL! We had a lovely zert…which included gloop and the most delectable lemon meringue pie.

Now sunkissed and tired, I shall take myself off to bed for some much needed rest. Tomorrow is another day!


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4 Responses to On the ninth day of Christmas

  1. Drew Whitworth says:

    Love the gecko pic!

  2. Penny says:

    Two geckos in one day! :-p

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