On the seventh day of Christmas

On the seventh day of Christmas I wandered lonely as a tourist.

Not really.

I wandered as a tourist, yes. But I was not lonely. My evening plans include attending a party with a dear friend whom I met through Twitter so that kept my heart filled with the promise of good company. I also had a chance meeting in a shop with another of my twitter followers. It was unexpected and quite a pleasant interaction. He congratulated me on my 20000th tweet merely minutes after it had occurred.

The day was spent meandering from shop to shop, looking and soaking up a little bit of Auckland city life. I’m quite drained at the moment because of it!

I’d better muster my reserves for that party tonight!

Here’s a slice of my day in pictures:



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3 Responses to On the seventh day of Christmas

  1. Love, love, love the ‘sweet as’ poster! Keep on having fun gorgeous xx

  2. Good morning, and Happy New Year!!! Hope you are having an Awesome time! xx

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