Following my last blog post, I have resolved my Twitter name woes.

I am now


It took quite some deliberation and until as recently as 24hrs ago I was almost certainly going to change my Twitter name to @WhoIsFi. Then a random comment sparked an idea and it just overwhelmed me and screamed at me to take it on as my name.

I still needed time for it to really sit with me. There were other considerations also. Giving thought to any other permutations of “FYI”, for one.

Most people would instantly recognise “FYI” as “For Your Information” but a cursory search of Acronym Finder reveals there are a few more meanings.  Here are a few that sold me on the name:

For Your Information:  I’m a librarian. An Information Professional. I am here to provide information, to facilitate access to it. From the start of my working day to its end, I am all about the information. That philosophy extends well beyond my working day, too.

For Your Interest: I’d like to think I was interesting. Perhaps this will spur me on to be more interesting…if I am not enough already.

For Your Inspection: Naah…not touching this one! 😉

For Your Inconvenience: Heh heh…Am I a thorn in the side? Perhaps. Sometimes it’s fun to be this. Hopefully I don’t make a habit of being inconvenient but from time to time it’s bound to be true.

Feed Your Imagination: This one actually made me think not only about really going for the FiFYI name but also to back it up with this post. I am interested in any other thing that FYI can stand for and what I might choose to challenge myself with next. It was intensely positive and makes me think of how to fulfill my potential.

Follow Your Instincts: As with “Feed Your Imagination”, I found this statement intensely positive and empowering. As if I needed any greater sign than this to convince me I was on the right track with my new name choice.

F*** You Idiot: I’m going to keep my thoughts on this one to myself but it sure did give me a chuckle! 🙂

So there we are. It is decided.

I’m keen to explore all the meanings I can give to FYI.

What does FYI mean to you?

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4 Responses to FiFYI

  1. Ann Doyle says:

    FYI = Fiona, You Idiot !!!! 🙂

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