In the mood

I’m in the mood for a meme.  I think I’ve done this before but I can’t remember when and I don’t really care. (Sorry – I’m in one of those moods)






[1] Get out / open your music player (iPod, MP3 Player, etc.) / music library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player etc.).

[2] Put it on shuffle.

[3] Press forward / the next button for each theme.

[4] Use the song title as the answer to each theme, even if it doesn’t make sense.

[5] Bold the theme (Opening Credits, Waking Up, etc.), italicize the answers, and give your own comments in the parenthesis on how it relates to the prompt.


Opening Credits
Abracadabra – Steve Miller
(Shazam! Here I am!)

Your Theme
Wild Ones – Flo Rida
(seems pretty accurate)

Waking Up
Lose It – Austra
(Lose it? I don’t even have it when I wake up!)

Don’t Lose My Number – Phil Collins
(nobody had my number at school)

Hangover – Taio Cruz
(er…hmmm…not sure about this)

Falling In Love
Vienna – Ultavox
(naah…possibly missed the mark on this one.)

Boyfriend / Girlfriend’s Theme
Simultaneous – Chef
(Ummm…no comment…<cheeky giggle>)

First Kiss
Arnold – Luke Million
(More energy! Actually, there was a little too much energy, from memory.)

Hanging With Friends
Who Dat Girl – Flo Rida
(I do have a lot of friends who I hang with so I’m not sure how this relates)

Best Friend’s Theme
Bounce – Calvin Harris (feat Kelis)
(yes she does!)

Fight With Parents
Logical Song – Supertramp
(It seemed logical to fight with them? Yeah, on occasions)

By Yourself at Home
Onion Skin – Boom Crash Opera
(that is typically when I peel of the layers.)

Break Up
Break Your Heart – Taio Cruz

Darken Her Horse – Austra
(nuff sed)

Undone – Weezer
(Oh hell, yes!)

Down Under – Men at Work
(that is where I do it)

Coming Down (Hangover)
Barbados – The Models
(well…yes…but only in the sense that that’s where I’d want to be)

I Hear Motion – The Models
(the motion of regret? Ok, I’ll go along with that)

New Love
Sugar – Flo Rida
(Ha! I do love my sugar!)

Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows – Lesley Gore
(My high school formal was anything but sunshine, lollipops and rainbows!)

Prom speech
Breakfast in America – Supertramp
(huh? If I had a prom I’d probably be in America and while there I’d have breakfast. Connection made!)

Feelin’ Kinda Strange – Drumattic Twins
(I’ve had 3 uni graduations so far and they are pretty strange events)

Graduation Speech
Don’t You Forget About Me – Simple Minds
(some of them did and some of them didn’t)

Out of Mind, Out of Sight – The Models
(pretty freakin’ true a lot of the time, unfortunately)

Tomorrow Wendy – Andy Prieboy
(but for today it’s Steve)

Going To War
Bad Girls – MIA
(I think the band name is more accurate than the song title: MIA!)

Night Before Battle
The Storm – Big Country
(That’d be bloody right)

Last Fight
Good Feeling – Flo Rida
(good to know there won’t be any more)

Last Fight Result
Liquorice – Azealia Banks
(well, now I’m lost!)

Reuniting With Old Friends
It Takes More – Ms Dynamite
(…yeah, I think it takes alcohol too)

Final Words
The Day You Come – Powderfinger
(I’m coming up empty on this one)

Our House – Madness
(presumably it’s all back to mine for the wake)

Dynamite – Taio Cruz
(going out with a bang!)

Ending Credits
I Ran (So Far Away) – Flock of Seagulls
(yes I did)


I can assure you that I did not cheat…as evidenced by the inclusion of some pretty whacky responses! I used my 3 favourite (i.e. most frequently played) playlists on Grooveshark.

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